• Why use organic cotton instead of regular cotton? Because organic cotton is more environmentally sustainable and ethical. It uses less water in its production, which is a major concert in mainstream cotton production. 

  • Organic cotton does not use harmful chemicals that erode the soil and hurt the quality of the land for future crops. This, in turn, protects the local habitat overall for plant life, animals, and humans.

  • At Blanche, we love organic cotton for not only its sustainability, but also for its versatility. Made into a cotton twill, it is crisp and durable. Made into a cotton jersey, it is soft and stretchy. All pieces made from organic cotton are breathable and long-lasting, making it an easy choice for high-quality garments. 

Our cotton jersey has the Nordic Swan Eco Label and our woven cotton is Fairtrade-certified. Both are produced in factories that adhere to GOTS criteria.