We proudly present ATLAS; a captivating collection that embodies our commitment to sustainability and style confidence. Inspired by the notion of a collection of maps, ATLAS represents the universe of BLANCHE with its effortless yet stylish designs that transcend seasons and stand the test of time.

The focus in ATLAS is on timeless elegance, with soft and flattering colours that offer a touch of freshness and effortlessly adapt to various occasions.



In the ATLAS collection, we proudly introduce new responsible materials that align with our core values. The InResST line features raw materials sourced from discarded fishing nets transformed into yarn with a low emission process, significantly reducing water and electricity consumption.

Our ”Argile” denim program uses natural clay dyeing techniques, offering a chemical-free and environmentally friendly approach.

All styles are made from materials such as Seawool, New Life, Fairtrade, and 100% organic cotton, leaving a smaller environmental footprint than virgin materials.