We have a special love for denim. As an essential in every wardrobe, we believe fashion consumers should have only the best jeans possible. Therefore, we see it as our duty to make sustainable choices in order to provide this.

Denim is one of the most resource-intensive materials in fashion. Large amounts of water, chemicals and dyes are consumed in the making of each pair of jeans and from here, our passion for sustainable denim derived.

Our jeans and denim styles are mainly made from sustainable cotton grown, such as BCI-cotton, without any use of harmful chemicals. Organic cotton sustains the biodiversity of the farming areas, and we are certain that the health of farmers’ does not suffer either. Where possible, we use raw materials that cause less environmental harm than their conventional or non-recycled counterparts. Instead of sourcing new fabric qualities for each season,

the majority of our fabric qualities are repeated and thereby having a lower impact on the environment and the end consumer. One of our key focus areas are to use new and resource-efficient techniques throughout the production process, in order to minimise the use of water, chemicals and energy – reduce the negative footprints in the products entire life-cycle.

Our main fabric supplier of denim is the Turkish supplier CALIK DENIM, which is one of the worlds’ biggest. CALIK DENIM is dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical business practices, wherefore the company carefully chooses its manufacturers and partners. CALIK DENIM values social fairness and it is critical that all products are made under fair and safe conditions; child or forced labour is prohibited and it is expected that all partners meet CALIK DENIM’s policy.

We do our best to optimize every batch of production and put great emphasis into utilising the full potential of these high-quality materials, by designing jeans with the perfect fit – a fit that will make you wear your jeans season upon season. 

Pernille Jørgensen