We are far from flawless. While we do our best to reduce our environmental impact, we acknowledge that BLANCHE is part of an industry that depletes world resources beyond sustainable limits.
We share responsibility for the current situation, and it is our duty to advocate for change.
The most impactful way to reduce our environmental footprint involves slowing down production, creating fewer items that last longer, and utilizing recycled, quality materials, and cleaner manufacturing processes.
This has been our focus, prioritizing the well-being of everyone and everything involved in our production, from seed and farmers to the manufacturing of final garments.


More recently, we have realized that communication plays a major role in the fashion industry’s unsustainable development.
We have excelled at creating desire and promoting newness, inspiring behavior that drives overconsumption. This needs to change.

Our contribution is to ask our customers to consider before they buy:
"Do you really need this?"


The question is relevant for many types of consumption, and we want to inspire a behavior where the question comes to mind in all aspects of our lives:
"Do I really need this?"

Ultimately, we all need to buy less, cherish what we have, and explore alternatives like renting or buying second-hand.

It is our responsibility as a company to support this development and our collective responsibility to pursue alternatives to new.