This world needs less, not more. So in an effort to reuse what’s already made, we’ve begun sourcing some of our fabrics from NewLife.

NewLife produces premium, 100% Italian yarn from used PET plastic. Yes, that’s right — high-quality fabric made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

This yarn gives the same premium quality as a virgin yarn while respecting nature in the process. Thanks to its unique production in Italy, all within 200 km, NewLife contributes to a 32% reduction in CO2 emissions, while also ensuring water and energy savings of 94% and 64% respectively.

If you’re wondering how discarded plastic can be transformed into premium fabric, allow us to explain. The fully traceable and chemical-free process goes a little something like this: 

- Collect plastic: Recycled PET bottles are collected and taken to the factory in Italy.
- Grind plastic: The bottles are washed and mechanically ground into tiny flakes. 
- Melt plastic: The flakes are melted into polyester polymer material.
- Spin to yarn: The polymers are spun to create yarn.
- Soften yarn: The yarn is texturised so it can be knitted or weaved.
- Create clothing: The premium yarn is now ready to be made into clothes.
- We’re fans. And we think you will be too.


 New Life collection
Pernille Jørgensen