Fairtrade® certified styles are high-quality products free from chemicals, ensuring fair wages for all involved. This certification indicates that producers and businesses have met internationally recognized standards, verified independently. Additionally, Fairtrade® standards prohibit the use of genetically modified cotton seeds. BLANCHE's commitment ensures Fairtrade® products are crafted with environmental responsibility and prioritize the well-being of everyone involved, from seed and farm to production, packaging, and labeling.

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The Fairtrade® certification represents BLANCHE's commitment to more responsible design throughout our entire supply chain. In India, where we source our cotton, Fairtrade® collaborates with farmers to eliminate agrochemicals and adapt to changing climate patterns. Fairtrade® cotton fields are rain-fed, reducing the water footprint in a region already facing scarcity.

Among various certifications, we chose to partner with Fairtrade® due to its stringent environmental, labour, and fair market policies. This certification ensures a fairer price for cotton to farmers, fair wages, protection of worker health and safety, and the maintenance of safe working conditions in our supply chain.