Organic cotton stands out as a natural fibre that embraces both environmental and ethical responsibility. Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton avoids the use of synthetic pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and other harmful chemicals that degrade the soil and compromise future crop quality. This not only safeguards the local habitat for plant life, animals, and humans but also contributes to more responsible farming practices.
Additionally, organic cotton production addresses the pressing issue of water consumption, a significant concern in mainstream cotton. By adhering to strict standards, organic farming ensures fair wages, upholds workers' rights, and protects farmers from forced labour, child labour, and discrimination. Choosing organic cotton isn't just a choice for quality; it's a commitment to a healthier planet and ethical practices.
We use organic cotton for its environmental and ethical qualities, but also for its versatility and durability. This means reduced water use, along with certified suppliers, and resource-efficient techniques throughout the production process. All our items crafted from organic cotton are breathable and durable, making them the obvious choice for high-quality garments.
The majority of our denim products consist of 100% organic cotton. If not, they are a blend of excellent post-consumer recycled cotton and high-quality conventional cotton. A well-cared-for piece of our denim clothing can last for decades. This reflects the standard of quality and timeless design that we aim for at BLANCHE.