Lenzing™ EvoVero™ viscose is crafted from natural and renewable raw materials-wood and pulp, that is carefully sourced from responsibly managed forests certified in Europe (e.g. FSC® and PEFCTM).

This ensures the prevention of deforestation and irresponsible wood sourcing. The material is fully biodegradable, which means it can revert back to nature after usage. The production and dying process of Lenzing™ EvoVero™ has up to 50% less water impact than general viscose, as well as having up to 50% less carbon emissions.
Read more about Lenzing™ EcoVero™ here.
BLANCHE is committed to using more responsible materials in both production and dyeing processes. Lenzing™ EvoVero™ fiber holds certification with the internationally recognized EU Ecolabel, making it an ideal choice for our products. Their unique dyeing process for black fibers significantly reduces energy and water usage, along with lower carbon emissions compared to general viscose.

Moreover, this dyeing method minimizes the risk of color loss or transfer during washing. Lenzing™ EvoVero™ styles not only align with BLANCHE's mission for durable clothing but also boast an extended lifespan.