InResST™ is an environmentally conscious company dedicated to low-carbon practices. They breathe new life into used ghost fishing nets by transforming them into a high-quality recycled nylon yarn, extending their life cycle. Skilled craftsmanship weaves this nylon yarn into fabric or knits it into garments. Their mission is to repurpose ocean plastics in textiles, protect the marine environment, and reduce microplastic pollution in the ocean.

Their approach results in significant environmental savings in
CO2 emissions, energy, and water consumption during the production of new nylon.
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BLANCHE enhances its commitment to more responsible production by incorporating recycled materials, such as high-quality recycled nylon yarn, into its products. We prioritize collaboration with brands that share our environmental and ethical goals. Through our partnership with InResST™, we actively contribute to innovation, development, and teamwork aimed at protecting marine life.

BLANCHE aligns with InResST™'s mission to advocate for the use of recycled ocean plastic, raising awareness about ecological pollution in our oceans.