Seawool® yarn is made and formed from crushed oyster shells mixed with recycled PET pellets. The oysters used in Seawool® are sourced from either sustainable oyster farms or from the food industry. There are currently four million tons of disused oyster shells worldwide; although they are biodegradable, they do not degrade quickly, meaning that they take up significant space if not upcycled in some way. The finely pulverized oyster shells contribute to the fabric's wool-like texture, offering moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, anti-static properties, and effective heat regulation.
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BLANCHE choses to use Seawool® for its many excellent qualities, its environmental responsibility profile, and for how closely it resembles natural wool. In our search for the best and more responsible materials, Seawool® stands out.

Much like natural wool, this fabric is versatile and well-suited for a variety of uses, all while remaining pill-resistant. It is a soft and resilient material that is warm and durable, providing people with an improved wearing experience.